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Custom Cutting Boards for Restaurants, Food Service Facilities and Kitchens

SurfixBoard is a solid high density polyethylene. professional restaurant grade cutting board. They are FDA approved and NSF certified to meet the demanding requirements of continuous restaurant use. SurfixBoard is not wood so it won’t split or crack and harbor harmful bacteria and cleaning chemicals. The surface has a mild texture and won’t dull knives, however, it is not designed to take chopping or tenderizing blows. All boards are easily to clean with mild soap, they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

1/2" Thick White Cutting Boards

High density polyethylene

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  • Surfix cutting boards are bright white to let users easily see they are clean. Also available in colors.
  • The fine textured surface reduces slippage of food stuffs.
  • All boards are dishwasher safe and won’t crack, delaminate, splinter, shred, or flake.
  • All boards are easy to clean with mild soap and hot water after each use or 1 tablespoon of liquid bleach per gallon of water

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Get your custom designed restaurant grade cutting board with just a few clicks.

First fill-in the length and width of cutting board you need, the quantity and then click "add to cart." Done!

Choose from white cutting boards or colors for coding the cutting board usage.

You can order as many custom cutting boards as you need, in just one order.

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1/2 " Thick Color Cutting Boards

High density polyethylene

Color SurfixBoards Order Page

Food Coded Colors Available

Blue for seafood
Red for raw meat
Yellow for raw poultry
Green for vegetables
Tan for cooked meat

SurfixBoards are premium, restaurant grade, FDA & USDA approved, NSF certified food cutting boards.

All SurfixBoards are durable, with a light textured surface that will not splinter or delaminate, plus they are dishwasher and microwave safe. Featuring a sanitary, non-absorbent surface that is available in five different colors for food type use coding.

After your first order, we will retain records of your purchase and specifications by account so you only need to reorder.

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